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I install, service and perform seasonal maintenance for the Noritz Brand on demand tankless hot water systems. Rinnai is also a great company that I can offer these services. Any of the on demand tankless brands can do well with my heat exchanger flushing along with an annual maintenance performance.

Service & Repair

My objective is to stock basic parts from our premier manufacturers. For now Noritz Tankless, Napoleon Fireplaces, and Carrier/Payne Furnaces are top quality manufacturers. I do repair more makes and models but in order to keeps costs down and maintain a high standard of proficiency these product lines will serve my current business plan.


I believe in the manufacturer"s recommendation to perform seasonal and annual maintenance. Depending on factors such as equipment type, climate conditions and operational requirements, the frequency of maintenance will varie. Typically for our moderate climate an annual visit is sufficient.

Basic maintenance Procedures

understand manufacturer's operation specifications, listen to the customer

thorough inspection & cleaning, filters, logs, burners, fans, screens, glass, cabinet

check wiring conxtns, safety components, piping conxtns, venting

in/out high/low Gas Pressures, gas leaks, co2

Sequence of Operation, abnormal indicators, sounds, smells, visual

Primary, Secondary, & Combustion Air, temperature rise, static pressure, heat exchanger

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Honest & Fair 100%

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