Natural Gas vrs Electricity

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Natural Gas or Electricity

When it comes to heating your home with natural gas equipment or electrical eqiupment which is best?


By Rob Sea

The advancement of the global energy market still continues till today. Consequently, decision makers are exploring series of energy options since there is an existing fluctuation of energy costs. One of these fluctuations manifests in the use of natural gas and propane gas VS electricity for residential use.

So far, making a cost-effective decision between this duo seems more complicated because of their many differences. First is in their billing; Kilowatt hours ($0.0945 per kWh) is the billing ration for electricity, whereas for natural gas it is ($1.549 per GJ). Quickly note that in terms of utility billing, natural and propane gases come first. Cooking with gas is constantly lower than that of electricity – even up to two to three times. You can end up saving up to 30% using gas for cooking, whereas for electricity, you hold on to a lifetime cost. Also, due to an aging infrastructure, there is a significant increased cost of electric utilities nationwide to cater for the risen consumer demand.

Converting to gas appliances you will need a lump sum of money including the gas appliances costs but you save money in the long run. So you might ask yourself, should I sacrifice for the short term to benefit in the long run? 

Operating gas appliances is less expensive than the electrical appliances. The home gets heated up faster when using gas appliances compared to electrical appliances.

Furthermore, when it comes to an eco-friendly alternative, gas takes the lead. Particularly for gas dryers, 30% less energy is utilized by them when compared to its electrical counterpart. You know the good thing about this? Your carbon footprint gets reduced!

 I will demonstrate comparable cost breakdowns further in the near future.