About Us

The Journey

The piping trades was, and still remains my occupational destiny. It began with a part time job while attending high school. I was helping an old crusty plumber (Gill) hook up gas and plumbing systems to mobile homes. (he always believed in giving you heck for mistakes made before you started each job because he would be to busy once work commenced. lol)  This was my first step on my journey to acquiring my plumber & gas fitter trade apprenticeship. Four years later (1980) I received my journeyman red seal plumbing and gas tickets. Wasting no time, I started an owner/operator plumbing and gas fitter business doing residential, commercial, and light industrial contracts which kept me employed for the next thirty plus years.

really enjoyed the residential service, it was awesome going into peoples homes and fixing there plumbing and gas issues. I often felt I had made new friends when leaving their homes. 





Throughout the thirty plus years I continued my training and broadened my knowledge in electrical, refrigeration, and steam fitting. My greatest achievement was being awarded a small contract at a commercial printing company. This lead to (1994) a 50 million dollar plant expansion which I was awarded the primary mechanical contractor. With six state of the art web presses requiring 24/7/365, 250 tons chilled water, 25 million btu natural gas, 16 colour ink tote high pressure distribution system, vacuum, reverse osmosis piping systems just to name a few.  Im not bragging just stating some credentials which may set you at ease when I’m doing a maintenance on your furnace, fireplace or on demand hot water system. lol

That being said, my focus now is to continue broadening my knowledge (more like relearning) and during the next energy revolution (20 years? maybe 10?) apply my skills and tools to lessening carbon emissions through service and maintenance of existing gas fired heating equipment.